The Christian and Missionary Alliance from both Canada and the USA have assembled a team of international workers to plant churches and disciple nationals in the Congo. The needs are great and Living Hope Alliance Church has supported this team for many years. Pastor Paul and Cindy travel "on site" annually to encourage and support this team through a field forum.

How to pray:

- Pray that the light of the gospel will be victorious over the darkness in Congo
- Pray that a gospel-centric message will be preached and lived out
- Pray for our missionaries to be people of the word, growing in intimacy with Christ
- Pray for the transitions coming in the Congo team and in the personal lives or Anne Stephens and Barb -Sorensen as they retire in August
- Pray for the hospital where the Wegners serve to be a place of peace and unity
- Pray for the Bellamys ministry to the Vili people and Sunday evening expat church
- Pray that the Bills will continue to have influence over people who are at the heart of the president's power base
- Pray for the missionary kids as they leave Africa for post-secondary education.  In particular, the Bills' daughter, Chandra, and the Howells' son, Josh, are currently making that transition.
- Pray for great wisdom at meetings going on this month regarding the closing of the Congo field in 2017

Posted February 2015

For more information on the Congo please contact Missions at Living Hope Alliance Church.