There is no Biblical requirement to become a voting member.  When we are adopted into the family of God, God calls us to become involved in a local body of Christ followers.  The Bible teaches that as Christ followers we are all given spiritual gifts in order to serve in this local family called the church.  When you sense that God has called you to become part of our church family here at Living Hope Alliance Church you are free to fully engage and participate - in a real sense you become a member of the Living Hope Alliance Church. 

Voting membership is required by outside authorities.  Voting membership at Living Hope Alliance Church indicates to society in general and the members of the local church in particular that you support all the local church represents and stands for.  

To become a voting member of Living Hope Alliance Church requires that you attend a class outlining the privileges and responsibilities of voting membership and sign a covenant. 

To begin the process of becoming a voting member please contact Pastor Doug.